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VIE Business Opportunity

International Education and Training Business Opportunity

International English TEFL TESOL Institute is providing business opportunities in the field of International Education and Training service for any individuals, educational institutions, academia, an other organization who care to develop the quality of Education and Training in all provinces in Indonesia and any other countries as our Authorized International Education and Training Partner.

The partnership form could be as one of the following:
1. Authorized Country Management Representative (CMR) as our Country Director in your own country or in your chosen country (National Level).
2. Authorized Regional Management Partner (RMP) as our Regional Director (Provincial Level).
3. Authorized Agency Partner as our Agency Manager (City or Regency Level)
4. Authorized Marketing Consultant Partner as our Marketing Manager (City or Regency Level)
5. Authorized Training Center Partner as our Training Center Manager (City or Regency Level)
6. Authorized Affiliate Partner as our Affiliate Center Manager (City or Regency Level)

Each partnership has it's own terms of reference, for getting the complete proposal of how you can become our Agent, kindly send an inquiry via email to

We will be sending you the complete documents for your considerations that include:
1. IE Company Profile.
2. Business Partner form.
3. Draft of Partnership MoU.
4. Income Estimation.
5. Profit Sharing and Partnership System.
6. Start-up Capital Estimation.

We look forward to your immediate response to this business opportunity that we hope can give dual benefit--giving us good income and develop the quality of education for our country at the same time.

Best regards,
L. Ted R, M.Sc
Business Development Director
International English TEFL TESOL Institute
Indonesia, Australia, USA, and UK Accredited Programs