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VIE Master Trainers Profile

VIE Lead Trainers Profile

Our ESL/TEFL/TESOL Trainers are highly qualified with global teaching experiences and certified in teaching English to Speakers of Other Language.


A. Etainer (Adi) - Indonesian

B.Ed (Int'l), Cert. IV TAA/TAE/TESOL (Aus), Cert.TEFL (Int'l), Dip. TESOL (USA)

Chief Program Officer, International English Indonesia

Chairman, International English TESOL Examinations Board, Indonesia

Former Director of Studies, EF English First Nusantara

Former Teacher Recruitment Coordinator, EF English First Indonesia

Former Head of English Language Department, LP3I Indonesia


A. Fitriani,S.Sos (Fitri) - Indonesian

S.Sos (Ind), Cert.TEFL (Thai), Cert.IV TAE/TESOL (Aus), Dip. TESOL(USA)

Country Director, International English Indonesia

Director, International English TESOL Institute, Indonesia

Former English Lecturer, UPI YAI Language Center, Jakarta

Former Trainer, Indonesia-Korea Teachers Fellowship Program, Jakarta


Gerardo Maureira Ibacache (Gerardo) - Chile

B.A (Chile), Cert.PECTM (Int'l), Cert.TESOL (Int'l)

TEFL Trainer, International English TEFL TESOL Institute - Asia and South America

ESL Trainer, VIE International Education and Training Center Jakarta, West Java, and Central Java


Charles Theodore Johns (Ted) - American

B.A (USA), Cert. TEFL (Int'l)

TEFL/TESOL Trainer, International English TEFL TESOL Institute - Asia

English Teacher, Private English Courses, Jakarta

Business English Trainer, National and Multinational Corporations, Jakarta

Former TOEFL Trainer, Singapore International School, Jakarta